Video Production: Workout Video

The increase in popularity in UFC and MMA (Mixed Martial Arts) has led to a rise in MMA specific gyms and training videos. There are even a number of training video games that makes use of motion sensors and cameras to increase the demand of training and getting exercise while training. Videos can help tremendously in getting more students to your gym or more consumers in buying videos to get in shape. P90X is the best example of a successful video workout that people can buy and complete in their own homes. P90X videos are incredibly popular and have sold millions of videos worldwide. This could be your video that people are buying and training in their garages to get in shape. P90x videos have infomercials playing on dozens of channels and web videos all over the internet, it’s basically a tutorial workout that prints money.

Shooting a Workout video isn’t that difficult as you only need one location. The most difficult parts would be getting multiple shots/angles of certain sequences to show the views the best angles to learn the move. You are trying to replicate a personal trainer, a video never will but the point is to try and replicate it as closely as possible. Editing is also a bit difficult as some clients will require graphics and effects to impress and teach the viewers. A video can take a day or 2 of shooting but will be worth it as it saves you time on having to teach new students every time.

If you own a gym, a video is extremely important in getting new students. Yelp can help with reviews and pictures, but video gives them insight of the gym. They can get a grasp of the professionals fighting, the establishment and a brief look at how newbies will be welcomed and what they can expect at their first visit. A yelp review and website can get the attention of future students, while a video will get them coming back.