Video Production Update

We recently loaned professional video equipment to Film Independent for their Director Lab in which they had up and coming filmmakers create their own vision for projects. We loaned out our equipment to them because we love and encourage film making and Film Independent is an amazing company that promotes independent film making and had a lot of events to network entertainment professionals together. They Needed Canon 5D and 7D Camera Packages and Tripods for their projects. We believe in the next generation of filmmakers so we gladly loaned out our equipment for a great cause.

We are currently developing a presentation video for a consultation company in Los Angeles. They requested a presentation type video for their training videos series. If you’ve ever been to the site,, you’ll realize that training/presentation videos are becoming the standard in teaching students and new employees. So the shoot is planned to take a weekend with a crew for 4: 2 Camera operators, 1 sound technician and a producer. For a job like this editing is quite simple as you don’t need anything too complicated. What is mandatory though is the inserts from a presentation to show bullet points and main objectives.

We have a few other projects in development including a PR Event that we need to shoot and edit and some Demo Reels Lined up! We are also very excited to be attending the Annual NAB show in Vegas next weekend! The NAB show has the latest and greatest in Video Production, Editing, and Broadcast Equipment! We can’t wait to see what gadgets they have in store for us! Check back to the site often to get keep yourself updated on all our current and future projects.