Video Production: Survival Show

The survival show genre is big on many cable networks. The popularity of the new blockbuster hit, “The Hunger Games” will make survival shows even more in demand with the younger generation. Like Documentaries and Reality TV, you don’t really need a script, but you will need consultants and a charismatic lead. Bear Grylls’ show, ‘Man vs Wild’, is popular because it informs its viewers survival techniques and it looks like he’s having a lot of fun doing it. Shows like ‘Survivorman’ prove that you only need a survivalist and camera equipment to put on a great survival show. Not only will it be fun but you can go to multiple locations. If you live in California you can do beach, snow, dessert and even urban survival episodes!

The most difficult, from the production crew point of view of course, is capturing sound. Capturing sound in an outdoor area is quite difficult if you don’t have the proper equipment. Imagine trying to capture sound when there’s a blizzard outside the tent! You and your equipment will have to be able to shoot during the most harsh of elements. The show “Deadliest Catch” is an amazing example of capturing footage and sound during the most harshest of conditions.

Writing is not really required for a survival episode, as long as you have an expert, or a few, the episode pretty much writes itself. Also since you will be outdoors in an isolated location, permits won’t be required. A survival web show is a great way to keep adding content to your YouTube channel as you will always have ways to start a fire with different objects. Let’s hope however that you have a strong stomach for all the bugs you’ll be eating for breakfast.