The new Era of Game Shows

The Game show genre may have lost its luster in recent years, but that doesn’t mean that they are no longer popular. Shows like ‘Jeopardy’, ‘Wheel of Fortune’ and ‘The Price is Right‘ are still enjoying solid ratings. While we don’t see that many new game shows recently that doesn’t mean they haven’t moved. They moved to a different medium, the moved to the iPhone and Facebook. Because of the nature of iPhones and social media, Game Apps are rising in popularity. It’s very easy to download a game and then play with your friends. Games like ‘Words with Friends’, ‘Family Feud’ and the immensely popular ‘Draw Something’ is played by millions around the world.

This could eventually mean that Game shows are moving to a more low key route for the Internet and iPhone medium. Game shows like ‘Cash Cab’ are showing that the genre is moving towards a more public and low production era. While they aren’t televised, many urban scavenger hunts are popping up in many major cities around the US. These hunts are similar to the TV Show ‘Amazing Race’, as groups of 2 are given clues and run around the city looking for the solutions to these clues. This could eventually lead to low production internet shows.

The internet also serves as a tie in to tv game shows. When is show is on there’s an option that pops up urging the viewers at home to join in on the game and asks to visit the website when a number or word pops up. This is a smart idea on the show’s end as it gets viewers to go to their website increasing internet traffic, thus getting more ads shown to more viewers. Game shows make TV/internet more interactive and requires the viewer to look up information about the show. This new era could bring about more viewers for the game show genre and increase the demographic to the Millennial generation.