Nature Shows

Nature shows have been popular since the 70s, with hosts teaching the masses about wild animals, exotic locations, and general knowledge on Nature. These days, the Genre has reached new levels of popularity with the evolution of technology. The hit show “Planet Earth” proves that Nature shows can be relevant in pop culture and wildly successful. What makes “Planet Earth” so intriguing, though, is that there wasn’t a host, but a narrator. The show became an instant hit because it provided HD footage of absolutely amazing footage of animals and exotic locations. This opens the floodgate for crews with access to HD equipment to shoot a nature show of their own to make that money!

The crew of “Planet Earth” planned and waited for years to finally complete their epic show and have it ready for the Discovery Channel Masses. The show only has a narrator and relies on it’s amazing footage of never before seen animals and locations using the best in HD Camera Technology. This has opened the door for others who wish to do the same: Travel to exotic locations and capturing footage that no one has ever seen before. It’s a gamble however and can be stressful as you have to capture the perfect footage for a network and if you ever watched the show they have stated they waited for weeks to get a shot that lasted only 2 minutes.

Even now the Discovery Channel is broadcasting a new Planet Earth called “Frozen Earth”. These kinds of documentaries are in demand and will be with HD Cameras getting better and better. So grab your Sony GoPro, head to your favorite park and get some footage that will be embedded in your viewers for years to come!