Infomercials are still very much relevant in this generation of smart phones, Internet and DVRs. There are even stores across the malls that sell products from infomercials. I, for one, am a fan of Infomercials as I love selling products that people think the world needs and showing how difficult it would be living without them. For example, a tool that make it easier to open a Jar. Infomercials can be informing, but also a parody of how ridiculous some of them are. This is why infomercials are popular to the Millennial generation, because they’re funny in the post-modern and ironic sense. This is why they still have value in this era, because you can make them for any demographic.
Infomercials are relatively cheap to produce as you don’t need to hire any actors, nor any writers really. You just need the product and a charismatic salesperson. There are different ways you can do it:

1. In front of a live audience – probably the most expensive option. These are for the already popular products like a frying pan, knife set, cleaner, etc. Here you have to rent out a sound stage and fill the stand with friends/family or a craigslist post.

2. In a kitchen/own home – a popular option as you don’t need to rent out the space or hire a lot of people. This can just be shot locally so you don’t need any permits.

3. Public Locations – a bit expensive as you may need permits. This option is if you want to do a “Blind test”. to the masses in attempt to get normal people on board with your product.

So if you have a product you want to sell, the infomercial is still one of the better ways to get your production out to the masses. You just need to figure out a way how people will be able to see it without breaking the bank: Be it on network TV in the middle of the night, on a streaming site, as an ad for a popular smartphone game, etc.