Film Genre: Action Movie

The Action movie genre is always popular among movie goers. Big blockbuster movies are generally action oriented whether it be heavy on CGI (Transformers) or Martial Arts. An upcoming action film that’s been sweeping the film Festivals is “The Raid”. The Raid is gritty action film from Indonesia that is shot very realistically and is bound to make a huge box office when it hits theaters nationwide. When you go to a film Market, Buyers usually go for what the trend is. For example, right now it’s Paranormal films, Comic Book films and the infamous “Just found footage” films. Actions movies, however, are generally in demand all the time. Except for maybe the Winter, Awards season time. Action movies are more difficult to produce than documentaries are however.

What makes action movies more expensive than documentaries is that you have to shoot on location, sometimes you must build sets, you have to get permits, etc. These are the usual expenses for a any feature film. However, what makes action more expensive is of course the action scenes. You have to hire a stunt choreographer, Insurance for your lead, take multiple angles and shots of a fight sequence, and so much more. It is very important that you take the necessary safety precautions in making an action film. If your lead gets into a serious injury, unless he’s Jackie Chan, your film is in jeopardy.

Not only do you have extra expenses in taking safety precautions but you have to keep in mind that action/fight scenes have many angles. A single fight scene can take days to shoot. This also means additional equipment and crew. Despite all this, if you have a great story and an amazing choreography team you can sell your film to worldwide distributors. Our sister company, Meridien Films, currently has 2 martial arts films that is being shown in countries across the world. If you put the work and love into it, it could be you selling action movies to Spain!